Who We are

FarmOp Capital provides working capital to farm operators. FarmOp products increase independence and buying power, aligning ag lending with decades of AgTech innovation to help growers make more profitable decisions. Founded in 2017 to address long-term trends in farm operations and fill a growing need within agricultural lending, FarmOp provides credit to growers based on their ability to grow an efficient crop. 2019 marks the first year of working capital offered by FarmOp, with loan financing available now.

Trends in Agriculture

  • Bigger Farms: In the late 1980s, USDA reports that 7,000 farms were greater than 2,000 acres. Today, that number is more than 30,000.

  • Shifts in Land Ownership: Today, a large amount of farm land is rented. As operators rely on the efficiency of scale, the change in land ownership structure shifts with it.

  • Traditional Lending Emphasizes Assets: Many large-scale farmers today rely on rented ground to grow an efficient product, pushing them out of the traditional scope of ag lending.

  • FarmOp Focuses on Products Produced: FarmOp values the product the farmer is responsible for producing and loans based on those crops, not hard assets.